15 December 2014

4 last minute gift ideas!! ❄

Hi loves! Hope all of you are well and having a happy Monday!
Recently I realised that this year I didn't write any Christmas gift ideas posts, as I normally do, for some reason I really didn't feel motivated to write those and as you know when I'm not 100% happy with what I'm going to write or film I prefer not to do it... But today I thought that it would be a really good idea to write a "last minute gift ideas" kind of post and here it is!
These are four ideas that I found around the internet and I think that all of them can make amazing, thoughtful and inexpensive presents plus you can make them yourself!

1. Cookies or Hot chocolate in a jar

Cookies or a Hot Chocolate in a jar are such adorable and heart warming ideas, you are not only giving a present you are also giving a funny, happy and delicious moment to that person to enjoy whenever he or she may want after Christmas!

2. Knot Blanket

Knot blankets are incredibly cute and easy to make and let's face it everyone, no matter what age, loves a good and comfy blanket to snuggle at night! This would also make a really good present for a pet.
Here's a very helpful tutorial from Meghan Hughes on how to make one - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLgeLRUdVWc


I have a weakness for bookmarks and every time I start a new book, I always take forever to choose the perfect bookmark for it, sometimes I even use old labels from clothes that I randomly collect but it always has to kinda go with the theme of the book, so I do think that a personalized bookmark is a really nice gift and if you know anyone who loves books, I'm sure they would love to receive a bookmark handmade by you!

4. Tree Ornament

Last but definitely not the least is a Christmas tree ornament! Having different ornaments on my tree made by my beloved ones sounds like a perfect idea and you can do SO many different ornaments with different materials, there are really endless ways to do these!

I hope you enjoyed this post that it help so of you who may need a little inspiration for last minute presents!