24 February 2015

Cruelty free beauty haul - Bdellium, Sugarpill and Yaby

Hi loves, hope everyone is having a happy week so far!
Today I have for you a cruelty free beauty haul and I'm really excited about it!
It's been quite a while since I bought makeup products, I don't know why there was nothing that really caught my eye for the past months but that changed, I've been finding really good products lately and I'm glad to say that all of them are cruelty free which is all that matters to me when it comes to makeup and beauty products in general. 
And since I stopped buying things from non cruelty free brands I had to make a wider search to discover new brands!
All the goodies I'm about to show were bought at Cocktail Cosmetics, I've talked about this online store before, but if you aren't familiar with this store they only sell cruelty free and sustainable beauty brands.

The first thing I want to show you is the Bdellium eye pencil brush. I've been wanting to buy a good pencil brush for so long and this one is just perfect! 

This is a professional eco-friendly makeup brush with a pencil shaped tip that creates precise shading and it's also ideal for blending eyeliner into eyeshadow.
I already used this brush and wow it really is great and I'll definitely try more brushes from Bdellium Tools.
Oh and you know how much I love pink makeup brushes so of course this is 100% my cup of tea!

The second thing I have to show you is a Yaby eyeshadow. I've heard of Yaby a few years ago when they released the "Best of both worlds" palette which was beautiful but very expensive (in my opinion) and I completely forgot about them until last month. 
Yaby sells their eyeshadows separately at a very friendly price (less than 4€) and you can create your own palette with as many bright colours as you want.

I got the shade Berry Splats es492 and it is a pretty pink shade with some sparkles in it. I already used this baby too and the pigmentation and texture are really really nice, it reminds me a lot of the Urban Decay eyeshadows texture. 

Ok, now brace yourselves for this next product and the unnecessary amount of pictures I took!
This is the Sugarpill "Kitten Parade" eyeshadow from the Sparkle Baby collection.


Kitten Parade is a very unique peach shade and now I understand why people have been raving so much about it, it really is different from any other peach eyeshadow I own and it is a very easy shade to wear and versatile which is surprising too. I wore this one for work yesterday and pigmentation and texture are wonderful, as all Sugarpill eyeshadows tend to be anyway!

I'm really happy with all these goodies and I hope you enjoyed this haul! Oh and of course let me know what you think of these products, cruelty free brands or any other thing really in the comments below!