24 April 2015

Book haul!

Hi my darlings, hope all of you are well!
Today I have for you a post that I'm really happy for and that I cannot believe that it's the first time that I'm writing one of these because I love reading and books it's something that really excites me but for some reason I never wrote or filmed a book haul, so here's one finally!!

The first book I have to show you is the "Love, Love Me Do" by Mark Haysom, this book has been on my wishlist since I saw it on the Books Depository online store. There's something about it that always caught my attention, I have a big fascination for the 60s and the story summary seems very promising so I really do hope I enjoy this one! Plus, I've read pretty good reviews about it.

And I know we should never judge a book by it's cover, but oh dear, how beautiful is this one?! Ahh I can't get over it!

"1963. The year the Beatles first top the charts. The year Martin Luther King has a dream. The year Truman Bird moves his family from their home in Brighton to a dilapidated caravan in the Ashdown Forest - then disappears. Truman's a charmer, a chancer, a liar. He's always got away with it, too. But now he's gone a dangerous step too far and only has one day to put things right - before he loses everything. For Truman's wife, Christie, life has not turned out the way she'd imagined. How has she, that young girl of not that many years ago, ended up like this? In a caravan. With three children. And an absent husband. Honest and unsettling, yet ultimately uplifting, this unique, wise and addictive British debut weaves themes of love, betrayal, family and childhood, and shows that even though life has a habit of getting in the way of dreams, people find their own extraordinary ways of bouncing back."

The next one is the Calm book by Michael Acton Smith one of the founders of Calm.com and I haven't been this excited about a book for a long, long time. As most of you know I start meditating and Calm was what inspired me and taught me how to meditate and it changed my life completely and I know it still does everyday, so as soon as this baby was released I had to order it!
This is a book/journal, it is suppose to help, guide and prove to you the benefits of mindfulness and meditation by giving you the experience of those. And I cannot wait to absorb everything in it!

"Modern life  is exhausting: joing the calm revolution. Trains delayed, non-stop email, endless to-do lists - there has never been a more important time to stop, recharge and discover moments of calm.
Absolutely everyone can achieve calm - including you - and in this book you'll learn how to take back a little bit of peace, space and all-important time for yourself.
Using a mixture of creative prompts, activities, instruction and inspiration. Calm will open your eyes to the pleasure and richness of your everyday life.
- Take a walk with nowhere to go
- Savour a chocolate on the tip of your tongue
- Get lost in maze
- Pick a leaf, press a flower
- Turn off your phone for five short minutes
Calm is inspirational, practical and contains no rules - you make it whatever you want it to be. Pick up Calm whenever you need it, dip in and out, choose how you want to use it.
Be calm. Be free. Be yourself."

That's everything for today! Have you read any of this books? Any recommendations you have for me?!
Oh and before I forget, I've been rating all the books I've been reading during this year so if you want to know which ones I'm reading at the moment and my rate to them, you can click here and you'll go directly to my 2015 Reads page!

Hope you enjoyed this book haul and that everyone is having a happy Friday!