20 September 2014

Leopard Life & I got a job!!

Hi everyone! 
Hope all of you are well and having a good lazy Saturday!
I cannot believe how much my life has changed since the last post I wrote, which was in the beginning of the week. Long story short after months of applying for jobs here and there, this week in 48 hours I went to an interview, got the job and started the next day! I'm officially an English teacher! I'm working at a public school and I'm currently working with three classes, two are 4th grade and one is 1st grade.
I'm really happy and nervous at the same, I always wanted to be a teacher and work with kiddos but I've never been employed in my life and going from student to teacher in a just a few months is insanely unreal to me.
So far the experience is being chaotic and incredible at the same time, I may film a vlog telling you all about it pretty soon! 
But going back to the main purpose of this post which is the leopard print craziness! As some of you know one of my favourite animals are leopards, their print is beautiful and it really amazes me how nature can create such perfect patterns.
I own a few pieces of clothing with this print but I could never found the perfect affordable furry, leopard print jacket until last week on Pull and Bear's website!

I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it in the website. It is even more cute on, you can see it here I'm just not really in the mood to pose and take pictures today.

Here are a few snaps that "convinced" me to buy a leopard print jacket for me!

Lily Allen is a big fan of leopard print and she wears it a LOT and in my opinion she can pull it off like no one!

And I also managed to find this picture around tumblr from Katy Perry, this photo was taken around 2009, I used to be a big fan of her back then and when I think about these kinds of jackets I always think about this picture.

Today I found this picture of Lana with a leopard print jacket and of course I had to include it here too!

Do you like leopard print or it is not your cup of tea?! I do feel like some people love it and other people think it's hideous so let me know your thoughts about it!