19 July 2014

Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs

Hi loves, hope all of you are having a good and relaxing weekend so far!
On my latest trip to Sephora with my purchase I got a sample of the new Marc Jacobs perfume, Daisy Dream. As we all know Marc Jacobs know what he's doing when he creates perf... well everything really, the guy knows how to get women's attention that's for sure! Whether it is by the adorable perfume bottles, amazing clothing pieces or with his famous makeup range that everyone raves about.
I'm not a very perfume girl but when I found one that I really like I wear it until I get tired of it and I can tell you that I haven't bought a new perfume in four years.
As we all know, Daisy is one of the best selling perfumes all over the world but for some reason I never got much into it but with Daisy Dream it's a whole new story.

"Ethereal and luminous, an irresistible fruity floral with delectable notes of blackberry, jasmine and wisteria" the jasmine actually came as a surprise to me, I don't like jasmine scents at all but if it wasn't written in the little card I would never know the jasmine was there. I do agree with the rest of the description, this really is a very luminous fragrance,  very light and happy!

I've already used quite a lot of the little sample and I'll need to buy the full bottle of it pretty soon!

Have you tried Daisy Dream yet?! Do you like Marc Jacobs perfumes?!